20 Frequently Asked Questions About Heroshe and Answers



20 frequently asked questions about heroshe and answers

Chichi Ukomadu

June 10, 2019

We understand that you might be a first-time customer and normally you’d have questions pertaining to how shipping works at Heroshe.
Even if it’s not your first time, there are still certain things you need to have a bit more insight about to make your shipping experience totally worthwhile.
That’s why we’ve decided to compile a list of some of the most frequently asked questions we get and provide answers to guide you.
So yeah, let’s cruise into the new year a little more informed, shall we?

1. Question: “What is Heroshe and what is it all about?”

Answer: Heroshe is a company with regular individuals just like you that have a passion for shopping unique items for you from the US and developing a hassle-free way to deliver them to you in Nigeria. In fact, Heroshe is a synonym for “reliable shipping from the US to Nigeria”.

2. Question: “How does Heroshe’s service work?”

Answer: First, you sign up to get a Heroshe account. Afterwards, we give you a Heroshe email and a free US address you can use while shopping at your choice online retail store. The store ships to the address we gave you and we, in turn, ship the items to you in Nigeria. It’s that easy!
The only point when we actually bill you is when shipping your items to you in Nigeria. You’re surely asking where we’ve been all this while, right? Well, now that you’ve found us, we’re in this together for life. Lol!

3. Question: “How do I sign up to get a Heroshe account?”

Answer: Getting a Heroshe account is as simple as going to our website and clicking on the “Sign up now” button at the top right corner of the page.

4. Question: “Do you have a list of websites you’d recommend I shop from?”

Answer: Of course! We have a list of popular brands on our website you’d most likely be interested in. At Heroshe, we understand that not everyone is a shopping pro so this list was carefully curated with that in mind. So, be sure you’ll most definitely be seeing what you like on, at least, one of these sites, if not all. Trust our instincts, we’re bad like that.

5. Question: “Does Heroshe shop from other stores outside those listed on the website?”

Answer: Yes we do! The list we have on the website is there to guide greenhorns who don’t quite know their way around finding sites that may have things they’re interested in. Surely, not everyone is a shopping sage like you. So, if you have quirky store finds you’d like us to shop from, we’re all ears. We’d also love to get our minds blown away by what stores you know we’ve probably never heard of.

6. Question: “What are the accepted currencies to pay with on Heroshe?”

Answer: Currently, we take both Naira and Dollar payments.

7. Question: “What are the acceptable modes of payment?”

Answer: We accept bank-to-bank transfers, PayPal, debit or credit card and all forms of e-payment. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept cash, cash on delivery or all other forms of physical money orders. The world is going cashless, why not get with the wave?

8. Question: “What are the shipping rates like?”

Answer: We charge as low as $5 for every pound. That little voice is probably pressing on further asking, “What about minimum weight?”. Well, when we said “$5 for every pound” we literally meant it. Our minimum weight is ONE POUND! We’re not about to make you shop for things you don’t need just so you can make the cut. Yeah right, we love you like that.

9. Question: “Are there any extra charges?”

Answer: We’re a tad bit hurt you didn’t believe us when we said we mean every bit of the word, “ $5 per pound”. But we understand, you might have had a different shipping experience to make you want to know. So know this and know peace, our “$5 per pound” covers EVERYTHING! From clearing fees to custom duty charges to final delivery to your local address. Everything, brethren. Everything!

10. Question: “How long does it take to get my package to me?”

Answer: Generally, it takes only about 8-14 days. If you live in Lagos, you’ll get your package within 8 days. But if you stay outside Lagos, it takes about 14 days to get your items to you because it takes a bit more time to get from Lagos to the other parts of the country. Most importantly, your item gets to you in optimum condition.

11. Question: “What do I do in cases of theft, stolen or damaged goods?”

Answer: You do nothing! Yes, you do nothing except to notify us and we handle the rest. This is because the shipping fee we charge includes insurance that covers lost, stolen or damaged items and packages. So, worry not. This particular container is not sinking!

12. Question: “How often does Heroshe ship to Nigeria?”

Answer: As much as we’d have loved to ship every day, we only ship on Thursdays so we can make good on all our delivery promises to you. This means you have to schedule your shopping so your item gets to our warehouse before Thursday. On Thursday, we ship everything out.

13. Question: “Does Heroshe have a physical pickup location in Nigeria?”

Answer: Yes, we do. You can find us at Victoria Island, Lagos. And that’s an awesome opportunity too. You’ll get to meet those to whom you entrust your money and items. We’d definitely love to see you drop by!

14. Question: “Can you deliver right at my doorstep or office?”

Answer: That’s our favourite thing to do if you decide not to physically show up at our office in Lagos.

15. Question: “Are there places in Nigeria you don’t deliver to?”

Answer: No. We deliver to all 36 states in the country including the nation’s capital, FCT.
So long as it’s in Nigeria, Heroshe can guarantee your goods will get to you!

16. Question: “Does Heroshe ship cars?”

Answer: No, we don’t. The clearing process that comes with shipping cars is a lot more burdensome than regular clearing process. And also, we like to be more in control to ensure we keep our word to you. For us at Heroshe, we want to be sure that there are no disappointments, so we’ll rather avoid this entirely. However, if you want distinct car parts, we can definitely ship them right to your doorstep.

17. Question: “Does Heroshe ship only for individuals? How about companies?”

Answer: We don’t just ship for individuals, but we also ship for companies – existing or startup companies. If you have a specific shopping inventory you’ll need to get your business started, Heroshe’s completely at your service.

18. Question: “Can I track my products online?”

Answer: Yes, of course! Upon confirmation of payment, we give you a tracking number with which you can always check your package status.

19. Question: “How about items not necessarily shopped, but are in the US. Can Heroshe help with their delivery?”

Answer: Yes, we can. All you need do is sign up to get a Heroshe account, after which you get a free US address you can ship the items to.

19. Question: “What Shipping Carriers does Heroshe use?”

Answer: We have three means by which we get your goods down to you. They are air freight, ocean freight, and DHL/FedEx options.

20. Question: “If I have further personal questions, who should I contact?”

Answer: On our website, there’s a pop-up assistant on the bottom right corner that can help with whatever questions you might have.

Do you have more pressing questions about our services? Feel free to ask us now.