6 Things You Need to Know About Online Shopping



 6 things you need to know about online shopping

Chichi Ukomadu

June 10, 2019

Most often, when you can’t find what you need in regular markets, the usual suggestion you get is to “shop online”. And so, online shopping has gradually become a regular activity for a lot of Nigerians. This new development is extremely welcome. But online shopping surely has its downsides.

It is important as a Nigerian shopping in online stores that you strive to avoid mistakes. This is because mistakes can become costly when time and distance are involved. Besides this, shopping online can be the most fun and easy thing if only you know how to navigate stores and prices and everything that ensures you get the best deals.

Knowing how much Nigerians like to shop online, we came up with 6 important facts that everyone needs to know about online shopping:

Safety First

The first and most important online shopping tip is to stay safe. The internet is full of people with bad intentions. As an unsuspecting shopper, such individuals may try to use tricks and scams to rob you of your money. So how do you stay safe? Shopping online requires the transmitting of important financial information.

The first key is to always be sure about the store that you’re shopping on. As much as possible, try to stick to large and well-recognized brand names. Avoid any shopping that comes up as a result of popups on the internet. The larger the store, the easier it is to guarantee that your payment details aren’t stolen.

Also, larger stores are easier to communicate with when expecting goods. Safe shopping is important for you. This is because it will be unfortunate to have your financial details fall into the wrong hands while doing a ‘little’ shopping.

Use Price-Comparison Websites

A lot of online shoppers don’t know that there are actually websites that help you monitor the prices of goods. These sites will help you find the best deals for you in cases where the item that you wish to purchase is one which is not difficult to buy.

Comparing prices among retailers is the equivalent of “pricing goods” in Nigeria. We all know that Nigerians love a good bargain. Make use of websites such as Shopping.com, Google Shopping, Pronto.com etc.

Why pay more when you can easily pay less? Check for your prices on these stores today.

Check Out the Reviews

The biggest disadvantage of online shopping is that you aren’t actually there. It may look good on screen but does it really function well? There are issues which may arise when you’re buying an item without being physically present. The zipper of a dress may be weak, the blade on a lawn tool may be blunt and so on.

What do you do to tackle this challenge? The answer is simple. Read reviews. On every product sold in an online market, there is usually a review. This is generated by other customers like you who have bought the same product.

Take out the time to read people’s experience while using the product. Being so far away from the US, you cannot afford to make any mistakes when shopping. Be open to learning from others. Always make sure to check out a product’s review to know if it’s quality or sub-standard.

Watch Out for Last Minute Fees

A lot of online shoppers usually fall prey to this trick. When shopping online it is important that you pay attention to any fees which may not be obviously indicated online. Some prices may not be mentioned in the purchasing process, but are still very real and will most likely be brought up when it’s time to make payment.

If you aren’t careful, you may be hit with special handling fees, extra shipping fees, and some other extra charges. You don’t want to get any surprises in your online shopping. Save yourself the burden of unplanned costs and other schemes by paying attention to the nature of the item that you want to buy and the store you are buying from. Many times, deals that look attractive may not really be what they seem.

Don’t Buy On Impulse

Online shopping is like placing a child in a room full of toys. The child immediately wants to try everything, even the toys that are too big. The best strategy to avoid getting distracted when shopping online is to make a list. Oftentimes, the lack of a list may lead you to make purchases you don’t need with money you don’t have. Another common error is falling prey to attractive offers.

For example, Amazon promises free delivery if you spend a certain amount of money online. This may lead you to buy goods that you don’t even need. The sum total of your purchases may mean that you spend more than the shipping fee that you were trying to avoid. Let’s just say that it’s necessary to have a strategy before you begin shopping online.

Be Mindful of Seasons, Days and Special Months.

Most online shoppers from Nigeria are not aware that major stores operate on a calendar. You can get better deals at certain times of the year than at others. Discount sales are available to online shoppers at certain periods of the year.

For example, surveys show that a majority of discount sales happen on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Also, the best sales months happen to be in January and November. Do your research before proceeding to shop. A quick search on Google will produce results of items on sale and what discounts are available for you to exploit. Take advantage of these sales and discounts and spend a lot less money shopping online.

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