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Heroshe is a service company solving the problem of access to global commerce beyond Nigeria for individuals and businesses who want to access quality products. Our mission is to enable Nigerians access global markets.



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Why we do what we do


The internet has changed the way we do eCommerce across the globe. It began in 1994 when the first secure online purchase was made and has since grown into a billion dollar industry. Yet, only a small part of the globe can enjoy the full benefits of eCommerce.

We believe the full benefits of eCommerce should be available to every person on the globe. We started Heroshe with this belief. We donʼt believe any part of the globe should be disenfranchised based on location.

Nigerian shoppers were disenfranchised for several reasons. One reason was they had no access to electronic payment cards. Another reason was lack of affordable shipping options. With the proliferation of debit and credit cards in Nigeria, payment issues have now reduced. But the shipment issue still remains.

We were fortunate to be born and raised in Nigeria, so we set out to give Nigerians access to purchase and ship products available in the US.

Where it was once impossible for them to place an order online with a US retailer, we help them place the order, ship the order and they receive the order at their door in Nigeria.

Our belief and core value drives us to continue to solve these problems. We'll NOT compromise. We'll NOT relent until we achieve that which we set out to achieve.

We want to see a world where goods move across all borders withOUT bias.


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Our Core Values

At Heroshe we’re passionate about delighting our customers. These values are the foundation of everything we do. We’re confident in our services and we want you to be overwhelmed with pure JOY when you receive your package.

The Heroshe Story

In 2005, Heroshe Co-founder Chichi Ukomadu moved to America to pursue her version of the American dream. Before she left Nigeria, she was overjoyed at the prospect of all that was ahead of her. She wasn’t prepared for the hardships she would face before she found Heroshe.

She ventured into the American job market. She was confident that her Computer Science degree combined with her prior experiences at Shell and KPMG Nigeria would allow her have her choice of jobs. She searched for months, growing more and more discouraged with each day that passed without a job. Months turned into years without a job offer.

Then, her husband asked her a simple question: “What are you passionate about?” The answer came easily: shopping and helping people. “Can you turn either of these passions into a business?” he asked. Then she realized she had already been doing a combination of both passions for years.

Heroshe was founded with a desire to serve people. Since opening our doors in 2012, Heroshe has been connecting Nigerians with quality US products they deserve at shipping prices they can afford.

See how far we've come in our timeline below.


Our Journey So Far