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We charge as low as $5 per pound for all shipments. Our minimum weight is 1 pound. Fragile items like TV and glass furniture have an optional crating fee. Please see the full pricing page for all the rate details.

There are no additional shipping and clearing charges. But, a delivery charge of $10 applies to all packages. Please see the full pricing page for more details.

14 - 21 days from the day the package ships out of our US warehouse if there is zero customs delay in Nigeria. The 14 -21 days doesn’t include the time it takes for the US store to deliver the package to our US warehouse. We ship packages every Thursday.

Not yet. We ship only from the US to Nigeria for now.

Yes, we can. But, with some restrictions such as - the proof of payment for the item has to be in your name. Also, you must be willing to provide more information about the sender like contact details, government-issued ID and any other info we need.

Please sign up for free to start using our ship for me or buy for me service. If you still need some clarification, you can reach us via chat, call/text on 08177593032 or 08177593004.

We go the extra mile in making sure your package arrives Nigeria safely. If we ship any package for you and it goes missing, we’ll take full responsibility for it.

We accept payment in Naira or US Dollars through bank-to-bank transfers and  debit or credit card. We’re unable to accept cash, and cash on delivery.

Yes, you pay for $10 for door to door package delivery. Additionally, pick up is available in our Lagos office.

Yes, you can pay in Naira or USD. We have online payment options via Naira debit/credit card and bank transfer.

We’ll place your buy for me order within 24hrs after we receive your payment. If items are out of stock at the time of purchase, we’ll give you the option to select a replacement item or get a full refund.

Yes, we’ll still charge you a service fee. But, we can help you purchase a gift card for the US store that declined your card with zero service fee. A lot of customers explore this option but it's not always 100%.

Yes, we do. But, you must report any loss, theft, or damage within 72hrs after you receive your package to get a full refund for your item. We don’t refund international shipping costs. Free Cargo Insurance covers fragile items (e.g. TV, glass items) only if the item was crated before shipping. Fragile items shipped without crating do not qualify for free cargo insurance.

Other Info for Ocean Shipment:

Ocean pricing Calculation = Volume Weight (L * W * H / 166) * $2

Ocean shipment takes 90days to ship, clear and be ready for pickup or delivery

The Ocean Pricing is just for PICKUP in Lagos ALONE. It does not include the delivery fee to your doorstep. The delivery fee will be determined when the package arrives in Lagos.

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