Online Shopping in the US from Nigeria for New Shoppers



online shopping in the us from nigeria for new shoppers

Chichi Ukomadu

June 10, 2019

Regular physical shopping is a high but online shopping gives me… what’s the name of that thing again? I think they call it endorphins. Yes, that! It comes with a feeling I can’t quite describe. It does something to my brains. Even better is when I see new recruits to the movement! Oh, welcome to the club! Come, let me show you around. Careful! That’s a trap you don’t want to fall for!

You see, being an online shopping sage (*adjusts collar*), whatever I tell you comes from a place of authority. Out of my deep affection for members of our squad, I’d hate to see any harm I could prevent come your way. So please, lend me your ears, or in this case, your eyes.

No doubt, shopping is fun. And because of this, the dark forces have set booby traps. Fear not! I will teach you tricks on how to avoid them. Pay attention as I read the rules and tricks.

Whether it’s your first time ever shopping online or you’ve been a customer of online Nigeria stores and this is your first time shopping US sites, you need to know the same things.


    Commerce in the US is one of the most spontaneous things ever. You could see a bottle of perfume for $100 at 9 pm and by 12 am when you’re snoozing in bed, a flash sale is on for half the price! There’s almost always a ridiculous sales offer and price slash going on for one festive period or the other. So, rather than hop on that price you think is affordable, why not give it, say, a 48-hour wait. There just might be a price drop.

    I’ve found that for regular days, you’re most likely to find discounts on Tuesdays and Fridays. One other thing that’ll do you good is getting a calendar cycle of all the US holidays. This is because you’re almost certain to get amazing discounts during these periods.


    Ninety percent of the time, there’s almost always a coupon deal for that bodycon dress you want to buy on impulse. Exercise some chill. Do a quick Google search and check if there are coupons available. You can get this info by typing in the store name followed by “Coupon 2019”.

    You’re sure to find great coupon deals. Some even come with free shipping though they’re usually exclusive to US residents only. Not to worry, I have other tricks that’ll make you enjoy the so-called ‘US only’ offers. We’ll talk about those soon! *winks*


    Buying from third-party retailers means you’re likely to spend more. But why pay extra when you could get it cheaper from the main stores? Not to blame them though, everyone’s trying to make some cash. And that’s why as a shopper, you should also be on the look-out to save every cent. Except the retailers have it for cheaper, always check the main stores first.


    Sure, shopping online is fast and pretty convenient but brethren, do not lose yourself. Beware of site misspellings and sites using “.net” instead of “.com”. These are the tricks scammers use to phish out your info. Also, ALWAYS look out for the lock. Never buy any item from a site without secure encryption installed. Simply put, always look out for “HTTPS” on the URL address, if it has just “HTTP” run, brethren. Run! Some browsers will display a padlock icon before the URL. If you don’t see any of these things, leave the site immediately!

    To save you the stress, at Heroshe, we have a compilation of trusted sites to shop from and we guarantee you’ll most definitely find what you love on them.


    A store probably has all the things you’ve been fantasizing about and in your excitement, you keep bulking up your cart only to have your Naira card declined at checkout. Keep calm. These are the dark forces I warned you about. But never mind that, Heroshe comes as a beacon of light to beam through.“Who or what is Heroshe?”, you’re probably asking.

    Well, Heroshe is a shipping company with an arsenal of shopping and shipping solutions to all your shopping problems like this one for example. (I didn’t mean for that that to be a tongue-twister. It just happened. Lol!)

    “How exactly do they help?”

    A gift card could come in handy where your Naira card fails you. But you still need dollars to buy gift cards. This is where Heroshe comes in. We’ll give you a Naira account you pay to, we buy your gift cards and then send them to you via mail. Now you can shop on your favorite site regardless of previous currency restrictions.


    So you’ve scaled the payment restriction hurdle and just as you’re about making your way out the door, shipping restriction comes to set leg for you. The website shows a pop-up message on your screen: “Sorry, there are no delivery options to Nigeria.” Wait, what?

    How about you look that little gremlin in the face and show off your free US address?
    Oh, bloopers! I forgot to tell you how to get one.

    Well, it’s still that same good guy. Super Heroshe to the rescue! Heroshe gives you a free US address simply when you visit our website and sign up. With this address, you’re able to shop and have your order shipped out to us. As soon as we get your item, we send you an invoice. Once you make payment, we ship your package right down to your doorstep, safe and sound.

    Remember that store that said “free delivery exclusive to only US residents”? This is the trick I promised to share.

Now, you’re a shopping expert. I look forward to handing over new recruits to you as I need to see to my retirement plans. Lol!