Our prices reflect our values and promise to customers. We accept all major credit & debit cards, PayPal, and bank transfer payments in Dollars (USD) and Naira (NGN). Shipping fees include all customs clearing, duties, taxes, VAT, and delivery fees. There are NO hidden fees.


Ship for Me

per pound (lb)
  • 0% service fee because you buy the items yourself
  • $5 per pound International Shipping fee
  • Free door to door delivery

Buy for Me

20% service fee
$5 per pound (lb)
  • 20% service fee for all orders Heroshe buys for you
  • $5 per pound International Shipping fee
  • Free door to door delivery

Your shipping payment covers:

  • Shipping from the US to Nigeria
  • All customs duties, taxes, VAT, and clearing fees
  • Insurance against loss, theft, and damage
  • Free delivery to all 36 states and Abuja

You also get:

  • Free US shipping address
  • Up-to-date email & sms status notifications
  • Electronic payment options in Naira and USD
  • Local customer support from our Lagos Office

Calculate your shipping cost

Heroshe minimum weight is 1 pound (0.45kg) to ship from the US to Nigeria

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Common Questions

Do I need to pay any other clearing fees in Nigeria after my initial payment?
No, you don’t need to pay any other fees. Your initial shipping payment covers customs charges, duties, clearing fees, shipping insurance, and free delivery to your door.

Can I pay my service fee and shipping fee in Naira or USD?
Yes, you can pay in Naira or USD. We have Online Payment Options via Naira debit/credit card and bank transfer.

How long does it take for me to get my items in Nigeria?
It takes 8 - 14days after we ship from our US warehouse to get your items in Nigeria.

How often does Heroshe ship to Nigeria?
We ship once a week, every Thursday at 9 am (US time).

When is the cutoff day to make the weekly shipping?
Wednesday is the cutoff day for all packages to arrive at our US warehouse so we can ship them out on Thursday. All packages delivered on Thursday do not make the weekly shipping.
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