Shopping in Nigeria vs Shopping Online US Stores



shopping in nigeria vs shopping online us stores

Chichi Ukomadu

June 10, 2019

Who doesn’t enjoy shopping? Whether it’s in Nigeria or on US online stores, no one wants to miss the allure that comes with trying out new stuff. Everyone loves the sight of new clothes, jewellery, shoes or a new gadget. Even then, for most people, shopping goes beyond just buying things out of a need or want. It is largely therapeutic. For some, it’s one way to snap out of a bad mood.

When you have the resources to spend as you like, shopping could even become a ‘high’. I mean, you get what you like without having to develop palpitations later on when the debit alerts roll in.

We’ve been handling shipping from the US for a little over 6 years now and we still get surprised by what we see Nigerians order – things that you could literally get next door. Yes, if you have it, spend it. But come on, there are lots of top-quality products you can get in Nigeria too. Isn’t the idea to buy ‘made-in-Naija’ to grow the Naira?

We’re not being judgmental. We understand that whether it’s shopping in Nigeria or in the US, people shop for different reasons. Still, for whatever reason, there are pros and cons attached to either choice. Let’s run through some of the reasons we’ve observed people opt for where they choose to shop at.


For some people, it’s simply a case of being patriotic. They can and will only shop in Nigeria because they don’t see themselves buying from anywhere else. They want to buy Naija to grow the Naira. And truth be told, there are many great, top-quality Nigerian products out there. There’s also the notion of some products only always tasting right when they’re made under the “Nigerian air”. These set of people only see Nigeria when it comes to shopping, you can’t convince them any different.


Sometimes, you just don’t have a choice but to shop either only internationally or locally. For example, with perishable or native goods, you’d want to opt for getting it locally. In cases where what you want is simply not available in Nigeria, then, you have to make do with sourcing it internationally.


Generally speaking, before shopping online in the US, you need to consider the exchange rate. With how unstable the exchange rate has been in the past, it’s one major deterrent that could keep you from shopping freely from the US. Thankfully, there seems to be some stability recently so it’s no longer much of a problem.

If you’re shopping locally, of course, you don’t have to worry about this as you can just pay in your local currency.


On the flip side, you’d notice that even with the same brands, in Nigeria there’s a general lack of variety compared to what you’d obtain in the US. In this case, you have no other options but to source what you need from the US.


The United States is renowned for its extra-strict quality checks that each product must undergo before it crosses through their borders. This is why a lot of people love to shop from the US. There is a measure of assurance on items purchased from there. However, with shopping from Nigeria, most times, you can only truly vouch for established, well-known brands. If it’s a new product, there’s always that hesitation to want to try it out.


This is perhaps the most important criterion of all listed. You could have all the wants and the needs in the world but without being able to afford them, they remain just that – wants and needs.

Online US stores almost always have deals that run all year round. For every season or celebration, there are mind-blowing discounts sometimes up to 80% off! It doesn’t end there. You also have coupon codes you can get from some online stores that save you money off the initial price of selected products.

When shopping online in Nigeria, on the other hand, most stores even hike their prices during these periods. Even when they do discounts, it’s usually minimal and only during Christmas periods. More established stores like Shoprite and Jumia sometimes have designated sales period asides Christmas. An example is the Black Friday Sales on Jumia.


This one particularly affects those who like US online shopping. The cost of shipping could be so outrageous that at times, it could even cost more than the item you’re shipping down! There’s also the issue of minimum weight, where some carriers will not ship anything less than a specified weight. You’ll then find yourself buying things you need to meet up to the mark.


No doubt, this has to be one of the biggest causes to worry about whether you’re shopping in Nigeria or from the US.

When shopping in Nigeria, it would make more sense that you’d be able to get your products more quickly since you’re shopping locally. We wish this were the case.

You could order something as simple as a pair of shoes and it would take weeks before they’d get delivered to you! Some logistics companies are really just beyond redemption and there’s simply nothing you can do about them.

The loops get even more complicated with online shopping in the US, there’s a long list of things to worry about. From Customs duty charges, exclusive shipping within the US and local taxes to clearance fees to cases of loss, damage or theft, the list is endless. At the end of the day, delivery time could come close to a month! When you consider these things, you’d most likely throw the US shopping option out of your window.

But what if we told you to keep those windows closed? Heroshe is here to cross these loops for you. If you’re one who just likes to stand out, get trendy pieces or you have a flair for varieties you can’t find here in Nigeria, shopping from the US is your best bet.

Now with Heroshe, you can shop online all you want without worrying about any kind of extra charges. How do you start your shipping journey with Heroshe?


It’s simple! All you have to do is click on our website and sign up for a free Heroshe account. With this account comes a free US address your preferred merchant can ship to. Once we get your package, we send you an invoice. After you make payment, we ship right out to you.

At $5 per pound, our shipping fee includes insurance that covers lost, stolen or damaged items. Trust us on this. You’ve got nothing to worry about. Delivery time takes 8-14 days and you don’t have to worry about pickup because we can ship right to your doorstep.

So whether you’re a learner at the game, a patriotic shopper or one who just likes to shop from the US, there’s always something for everyone.