How to Get a Free US Shipping Address if You're Shopping from Nigeria



how to get a free us shipping address if you're shopping from nigeria

Chichi Ukomadu

June 10, 2019

Shopping is fun; more so when you have a wide variety to choose from. This is one of the top reasons why many Nigerians like to shop online from US stores. But how about getting them down to you? That’s where the real problem lies. After shopping online, many online shoppers realize that a lot of stores don’t ship to Nigeria. They’d rather ship locally within the US


A lot of US stores don’t have shipping options to Nigeria because it’s a hassle with the checks at Nigerian Customs. Coupled with this are other factors which spike the shipping fee to a ridiculous amount. The shipping rates could even exceed the total amount of whatever items you’re shipping down! At the end of the day, it’s not in any way a favourable venture.

Another limiting factor is what we call “Volume of Transaction”. Most shipping companies use this to determine their shipping rates.

For example, FedEx uses the volume of transaction it gets from a particular location to give shipping discounts on packages delivered to that location.
If you’re ordering from a location where they rarely get orders from, you’ll be subject to outrageous shipping amounts because they have a low volume of transaction in that area.

What these shipping companies do is to dedicate a shipping unit only to areas with a high volume of transactions. Otherwise, it wouldn’t make sense to dedicate a whole unit to areas where orders only come once in a while.


  1. FAMILY, FRIENDS OR ACQUAINTANCES: You could consider forwarding your order to the US address of a friend, family member or acquaintance. This could be your best bet especially if they’ll be visiting Nigeria in a few days or weeks after receiving your order. Still, a lot of things could go wrong using this method. First, you run the risk of getting your item stolen, lost or damaged if they decide to ship down to Nigeria for you by their own discretion. At the end of the day, either party (you or them) would have to bear the brunt of replacing these items. Definitely, things could get pretty awkward from there on. Your best bet would be to get a personal US shipping address without having to further disrupt the busy schedule of a friend or a family member. But then, how do you get a US mailing address if you’re not going through the family/friend route? Remember, you don’t live in the US
  2. USING COMPANIES THAT GIVE FREE US SHIPPING ADDRESS: Awesome news! There are some shipping companies who give out free US virtual addresses not just to Nigerians but people from other places in the same dilemma as you. They also offer alternative shipping options like air freight or ocean freight. The only disadvantage with this option is the amount of time it takes to get your stuff down to you. This is understandable because what they offer is majorly consolidation services. This means they have to merge all packages and deliver them to different locations. So if you’re comparing them to say DHL or FedEx, the delivery time with this option is considerably longer. So, now let’s get to the part where we find out some websites that can give you a free US shipping address you can shop with:

This is a shipping company that gives you a free US virtual address upon registering on their website. This option is also available to people from other countries. However, because they don’t deliver to Nigeria alone, it could take a while before your package gets to you.

They have similar shipping procedure as USA2YOU and the same flaw also applies. They deliver to other countries asides Nigeria so it basically slows down the timely delivery of your package.

Of course, we have to save the best for last.
Heroshe is a Nigerian-owned delivery company. We take the fact that most US merchants don’t ship to Nigeria very personal. This is why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to diligently fill this gap. And boy, do we do it so well!
We give you a free US address, you ship your stuff to our address, we send you an invoice, you pay and we ship out to you. Easy peasy!
Unlike the other two previously mentioned, since we deliver only to Nigeria, delivery time is shorter.
So, now you’ve found websites you can get a free U.S virtual address from, how do you actually go about getting one?


It’s absolutely simple. Sign up by opening the website and clicking on the ‘Create Account’ field. Fill in the required information to create an account. With this account, you get access to a free US mailing address and an account email you can shop with.

Some of these companies have exclusive membership plans. In this case, you can choose to pay on a monthly or annual basis. This gives you a discount on the regular shipping rates. This is suitable if you’re a shopaholic or if you have a shopping inventory for business purposes. Otherwise, we’d recommend using the free option.

You also don’t need to worry about not knowing when your package will arrive. After payment, you get a tracking number with which you get frequent updates on the status of your package.

With other sites, it may take a while to update the status of your package on their website because of the number of packages they have to deal with. Then, you would need to get a call across to them to speed up the tracking procedure.

However, with Heroshe, as soon as your package gets to us, we notify you. And since Heroshe’s service is exclusive to Nigeria, updating your package status is more timely.


Rather than merely saying “5-7 days”, “8-10 days’’ or some other fitting alternative, let’s look at the many loops your package has to take before getting to you.

First, your product has to go from the merchant you ordered from to the warehouse of your preferred shipping company. Next, your shipping company sends you an invoice. Once you make the payment, they ship out to you on a designated day of the week. Afterwards, all packages go through clearance at immigration. Then, items are distributed according to the location before they finally get to you. All this could take roughly two weeks.

If you live in Lagos, you could get luckier and have it in less than 2 weeks. If you live outside Lagos, that means further inter-state Customs checks. This could take extra 3-5 days before you finally have your package all to yourself to kiss, to touch and hold on to forever. Haha! That’s a joke but you get the point.
The most important part of this whole loop and the major determiner is the merchant you’re shopping from in the first place. How long they take to send your stuff to the warehouse eventually determines when exactly your product will get to you.

Keeping this in mind, we have curated a list of US stores on our website that do timely deliveries. This ensures your package gets to our warehouse just in time for shipping.

So now, your package is in Nigeria and you’re a step away from getting them. Do you opt for pick up at a physical location or a doorstep delivery?
Sometimes, most shipping companies already have logistics facility or they partner with separate logistics companies who then deliver to your doorstep. Other times, they don’t have this arrangement and so, you have to clear your schedule to go pick up your package yourself. This could be pretty inconvenient too because you wouldn’t want to leave your package at their warehouse for too long.

At Heroshe, we recognize these hassles and we aim to reduce, if not completely remove them.
We want to give you a completely seamless way to get your packages to you no matter where you are in Nigeria.
The shipping fee you pay covers delivery straight to you – whether it’s your doorstep, office or anywhere else. If you even live in a cave and hate human interactions, we won’t breach your privacy and we’d still get your package right to where you are!
Awesome stuff, yeah? Wait till you see the surprises we’ve kept for you in your package.