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US Office

17939 Kieth Harrow Blvd, 

Unit 106, 

Houston, TX 77084


US Office Hours

9am - 5pm Monday to Friday 

Closed on Saturday and Sunday

Lagos Office

23, Amore Street, 

by St. Leo Catholic Church, 

Off Toyin Street, Ikeja

0817 759 3004
0817 759 3032

Lagos Office Hours

9am - 5pm Monday to Friday 

Open on Saturday for deliveries only 

Closed on Sunday

Heroshe Service Timelines

Shipping &

Within 24hrs after customer is notified by US store that their package has been delivered to Heroshe warehouse. All packages received at the warehouse are processed from Monday through Friday. Heroshe warehouse doesn't process packages on Saturday and Sunday.

Cutoff day to make Thursday shipping.

Packages ship from the US to Nigeria at 2pm (Nigerian time).

We clear packages and sort for delivery.

We deliver packages to customers. 

  • Lagos customers get their packages on Saturday.
  • Outside Lagos customers get their packages 1 - 5 days after Saturday.


Thursday 2pm Nigerian Time is the cutoff day to make payment for shipping invoice so package can make weekly shipping. All payments for shipment received after 2pm on Thursday will not make the weekly shipping.

Processed within 48hrs

Processed immediately after payment is received.


Order is placed within 24hrs after payment is received.

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