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We ship your packages from the US every Thursday. We deliver your package to your door within 8 - 14 days after shipping from our US warehouse.
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Shipping fees include all customs, duties, taxes, VAT, and delivery fees.
We accept all major credit & debit cards and bank transfer payments in Dollars (USD) and Naira (NGN).

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Heroshe minimum weight is 1 pound (0.45kg) to ship from the US to Nigeria.

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What people are saying about Heroshe

We're passionate about customer delight. Watch stories from some of our delighted customers.

A happy customer unboxing his Matein Bagpack and Wireless Microphone delivered to him in excellent condition. His package also came with free chocolate!

Another happy customer excited to receive his Apple Watch from the US in 8 Days. No custom duties, no delays! His item was well packed to avoid damage and it came with a free ball of chocolate!

A satisfied customer got his Camera Accessories delivered to him. He’s super excited to get free chocolate!

An excited customer talks about how he loves using Heroshe to get products from US online stores. He's impressed by our reliable service.

A satisfied customer raves about how he loves our Customer Service & the way we package products. He also gets to give his daughter the free chocolate we send with all our packages.

A raving customer encourages Nigerians to use Heroshe to ship their US products to Nigeria. He raves about how Heroshe gives him regular updates about the status of his items.


How Long does it take?

8 - 14 days from the day packages leave our US warehouse. We ship every week on Thursday.

Our Shipping & Delivery Timelines:

  • Wednesday - Cutoff day to make Thursday shipping.
  • Thursday - We ship packages from US to Nigeria at 9am (US time).
  • Friday (Next Week) - We clear packages and sort for delivery.
  • Saturday (After Friday) - We deliver packages to customers.
    • Lagos customers get their packages on Saturday.
    • Outside Lagos customers get their packages 1 - 5 days after Saturday.

Why Heroshe?

We've shipped over 50,000+ (lbs) of customer orders since 2012.
We've been in business for over 6yrs+.
We have experience with US markets and logistics in Nigeria.
We have offices in both Maryland, Lagos and Houston, TX.
We make shipping online purchases easy.
Our Co-Founders have lived over 20 years in both the US and Nigeria.