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Buy products from any trusted US online store using your Heroshe US shipping address. We receive your order, you pay for shipping and we ship it to you in Nigeria.

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We know not all US stores accept international payments. Sometimes you need help shopping from those stores. Tell us what you want, we’ll shop for you and receive your order at our warehouse. You pay for shipping and we ship it to you in Nigeria.

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How Much Does
It Cost to ship with Heroshe?

Calculate and see how much it’ll cost you to ship with us

Enter the weight of your item

Pounds (lbs)

You pay this amount
per pound in US Dollar *


The Naira equivalent
is approximately


The fee covers:

Customs duties, taxes, VAT, and clearing fees.
$10 for door to door delivery of your packages. *
Free pickup. Available only in Lagos.
Free Cargo Insurance against loss, theft, and damage if reported within 72hrs after the package is delivered.


The shipping rate of $5 does not apply to all items. Some items attract a higher fee. We charge a flat rate delivery fee of $10 for all packages. See the full pricing page for details.

25,000+ customers trust us to ship and deliver their packages from the U.S. to Nigeria.


Damilola Onakoya

Digital Marketer, Devcounty Digital


Toni Akinsola

Entrepreneur, Owner of LamixLulu


Ufuoma Odije

Operations Specialist, Chevron


Victor Agunbiade

Civil Engineer, IHS

In Quote

Where do I start from? Seriously wish I could give more than five stars. I was skeptical when I first saw their ad. I had been burnt many times by different shippers, so I called and their customer service was really awesome. I was still skeptical because anyone could have sounded really adorable and nice on the phone, so I tried them out. Yes, I was blown away!...

Any company can ship products but Heroshe made sure my items were complete and well packaged. None of my products were broken. You can tell by how their customer care representatives talk, that they put their customers first. Thank you Heroshe!
I can’t waittttttt for you to start shipping from China!

Heroshe is an effective, efficient and benevolent shipper. Lovely chocolate and biscuits included in every shipment they ship. Good value for money and great customer service when called upon. Shipments rarely have issues and my concerns are very well taken care of. Having Heroshe take care of my shipping needs, has given me great ease.

When I heard about Heroshe, I was honestly skeptical about the service because the whole thing seemed too good to be true. I decided to try them out with a small item. The whole experience was honestly wonderful. Top-notch customer service and delivery service. The only thing they care about is putting their customers first. I totally recommend them!



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We charge as low as $5 per pound for all shipments. Our minimum weight is 1 pound. Fragile items like TV and glass furniture have an optional crating fee. Please see the full pricing page for all the rate details.

There are no additional shipping and clearing charges. But, a delivery charge of $10 applies to all packages. Please see the full pricing page for more details.

14 - 21 days from the day the package ships out of our US warehouse if there is zero customs delay in Nigeria. The 14 -21 days doesn’t include the time it takes for the US store to deliver the package to our US warehouse. We ship packages every Thursday.

Not yet. We ship only from the US to Nigeria for now.

Yes, we can. But, with some restrictions such as - the proof of payment for the item has to be in your name. Also, you must be willing to provide more information about the sender like contact details, government-issued ID and any other info we need.

Please sign up for free to start using our ship for me or buy for me service. If you still need some clarification, you can reach us via chat, call/text on 08177593032 or 08177593004.

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