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Your Shipping Fee Covers:
Customs duties, taxes, VAT, and clearing fees.
Free pickup is available in Lagos only.

$10 for door to door delivery of your packages.
Free Cargo Insurance against loss, theft, and damage if reported within 72hrs after a package is delivered.

Heroshe Delivery Fees

Location Package Weight Delivery Fee
All Locations All Packages $10

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Shipping Info

The Shipping Fee for oversized items like TV, Loudspeakers etc will be calculated based on the volumetric weight multiplied by $5 that is (L x W x H / 166) x $5. This fee is applicable to AIR FREIGHT ALONE. You can check our ocean shipping fee here: ocean shipping fee

All shipping, delivery, and optional fees are paid online before we ship packages to Nigeria.

Heroshe minimum weight is 1 pound (0.45kg) to ship from the US  to Nigeria.

We send email notifications for all packages we receive at our warehouse.

The shipping weight determined at our warehouse overrides the shipping weight from the US store.

We inspect and reweigh all packages and round UP the weight to the nearest  whole number. E.g. 1.4 pounds will be rounded up to 2 pounds.

We send out shipping invoices within 24hrs after we receive packages.  We ship packages after invoice payment is received.

Not all packages received at Heroshe warehouse will be shipped to Nigeria.  If a package is flagged, more info will be required from the customer in order to ship the package to Nigeria.

Optional Cost

We charge an optional $100 flat rate fee for crating fragile items such as TV, Large Screen Monitors, Glass Furnishings, Glass Items, Wine e.t.c.

Our crating fee covers free cargo insurance against theft, loss or damage. It also covers free refund or replacement of fragile items if damaged in transit.

Initial shipping and crating fee is non-refundable.

A crate is a wooden shell built to protect fragile items from damage during transit.

Fragile Items are not covered in the free cargo insurance Heroshe provides.

To qualify for free cargo insurance for fragile items, customers must pay for crating.

Heroshe will notify you via email or phone if we receive a fragile item at the US warehouse that needs crating.

Crating fragile items is optional but recommended.

Items We Don’t Ship

Laptop Battery e.g. standalone laptop replacement battery that is not inside a laptop.

Items containing Nicotine e.g. cigars, vape, tobacco, vaping accessories e.t.c.

Ammunition & Accessories e.g. guns, paintball guns, bullets e.t.c.



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We accept payment in Naira or US Dollars through bank-to-bank transfers and  debit or credit card. We’re unable to accept cash, and cash on delivery.

Yes, you pay for $10 for door to door package delivery. Additionally, pick up is available in our Lagos office.

We go the extra mile in making sure your package arrives Nigeria safely. If we ship any package for you and it goes missing, we’ll take full responsibility for it.

Yes, you can pay in Naira or USD. We have online payment options via Naira debit/credit card and bank transfer.

We’ll place your buy for me order within 24hrs after we receive your payment. If items are out of stock at the time of purchase, we’ll give you the option to select a replacement item or get a full refund.

Yes, we’ll still charge you a service fee. But, we can help you purchase a gift card for the US store that declined your card with zero service fee. A lot of customers explore this option but it's not always 100%.

Yes, we do. But, you must report any loss, theft, or damage within 72hrs after you receive your package to get a full refund for your item. We don’t refund international shipping costs. Free Cargo Insurance covers fragile items (e.g. TV, glass items) only if the item was crated before shipping. Fragile items shipped without crating do not qualify for free cargo insurance.

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