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In 2005, Heroshe Co-founder Chichi Ukomadu moved to America to pursue her version of the American dream. Before she left Nigeria she was overjoyed at the prospect of all that was ahead of her. She wasn’t prepared for the hardships she would face before she founded Heroshe.

She ventured into the American job market. She was confident that her Computer Science degree combined with her prior experiences at Shell and KPMG Nigeria would allow her have her choice of jobs. She searched for months, growing more and more discouraged with each day that passed without a job. Months turned into years without a job offer.

Then, her husband asked her a simple question: “What are you passionate about?” The answer came easily: shopping and helping people. “Can you turn either of these passions into a business?” he asked. Then she realized she had already been doing a combination of both passions for years.

The Heroshe Journey

Early days
Back in 2012, our co-founders began helping family and friends move packages from the US to Nigeria
An idea is born
They quickly realised that more people beyond their immediate network needed access to quality goods. This led to them getting a warehouse to expand and even more people
Optimize and scale
In 2019, the first member of what will become the product team was hired to begin the process of building world class software to better serve the growing needs of customers

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