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Package Handling

  • Lightbulb Icon The Shipping Fee for oversized items like TV, Loudspeakers etc will be calculated based on the volumetric weight multiplied by $11 that is (L x W x H / 166) x $11. This fee is applicable to AIR FREIGHT ALONE.

  • Lightbulb Icon Not all packages received at Heroshe warehouse will be shipped to Nigeria. If a package is flagged, more info will be required from the customer in order to ship the package to Nigeria.

  • Lightbulb Icon The shipping weight determined at our warehouse overrides the shipping weight from the US store.

  • Lightbulb Icon We inspect and reweigh all packages and round up the weight to the nearest whole number. E.g. 1.4 kilograms will be rounded up to 2 kilograms.

  • Lightbulb Icon We send out shipping invoices between 24 - 48 hours after we receive packages.

  • Lightbulb Icon All shipping, delivery, and optional fees are paid online before we ship packages to Nigeria.

  • Lightbulb Icon Heroshe minimum weight is 0.45kg to ship from the US to Nigeria.

  • Lightbulb Icon We ship packages every Thursday.

Crating and fragile items Icon

Crating and fragile items

  • Lightbulb Icon We charge an optional crating fee of $100 and above depending on the size of the item for crating fragile items such as TV, large screen monitors, glass furnishings, glass items, wine, etc.

  • Lightbulb Icon Our crating fee covers free cargo insurance against theft, loss or damage. It also covers free refund or replacement of fragile items if damaged in transit.

  • Lightbulb Icon A crate is a wooden shell built to protect fragile items from damage during transit.

  • Lightbulb Icon Fragile Items are not covered in the free cargo insurance Heroshe provides.

  • Lightbulb Icon Heroshe will notify you via email or phone if we receive a fragile item at the US warehouse that needs crating.

  • Lightbulb Icon Crating fragile items are optional. However, Heroshe would not take responsibility for damages that occur in transit if an item is not crated.

  • Lightbulb Icon Initial shipping and crating fee is non-refundable.

  • Lightbulb Icon To qualify for free cargo insurance for fragile items, customers must pay for crating.

Items We Don't Ship Icon

Items We Do Not Ship

  • Item Icon


    Standalone replacement batteries

  • Item Icon

    Items containing Nicotine

    Cigars, vape, tobacco, vaping accessories e.t.c.

  • Item Icon

    Ammunition & its Accessories

    Guns, paintball guns, bullets e.t.c.

  • Item Icon


    Alcohol-based perfumes, colognes, aftershaves

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